Agreement Between Collins Aerospace and Hainan Airlines for FlightSense B787 Support

The FlightSense contract between Collins Aerospace and Hainan Airlines will provide a tailored maintenance program on Boeing 787s


China’s Hainan Airlines has signed an agreement with Collins Aerospace which will reduce repair times and costs on its fleet of Boeing 787s.

The FlightSense agreement is a tailored maintenance program designed for Hainan Airlines’ unique operational requirements. It builds on a 30-year relationship between the two organizations and now includes a total of 185 aircraft on multi platforms through 2025.

Collins will help ensure availability of Hainan Airlines’ maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) supply chain management. Products supported under this contract include the air management and electric power systems on Hainan Airlines’ B787 fleet of 40 aircraft. In addition, Collins will continue to provide Hainan Airlines with MRO services at a reduced cost, while relying on Collins’ distinctive OEM technical capabilities for optimized product performance and aircraft uptime.

“This is a significant contract for Collins and Hainan Airlines as we begin a new support relationship for their B787s, a milestone for FlightSense in China,” said Mike Yue, regional director, customer & account management. “We look forward to providing more comprehensive MRO services to ensure the health of Hainan Airlines’ fleet and increased operational efficiencies.”

Wang Qi, General Manager of Procurement Department of Hainan Airlines said, “Hainan Airlines will benefit from the dedicated services from Collins Aerospace.”

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