Hensoldt Introduces New EuroNav 7 Feature for Drone Detection

Hensoldt and Aero Network DMI have linked up to introduce the Cleardrone detector for the Euronav 7 system, which is able to detect drones at a distance of up to four kilometres


HENSOLDT and Aero Network DMI have announced a collaboration in situational awareness of drones for helicopter crews.

The CLEARDRONE detector, a product of Aero Network DMI, is a mobile device that can be easily stowed. It detects drones at a distance of up to four kilometres. By connecting a dongle to the RN7 DMG, the EuroNav system is able to receive drone alerts from the detector and display them on its moving map.

The connection of both systems is wireless, so that the detector can be stowed anywhere in the cabin. The information received enables drones in the same local airspace to be displayed, and as a result, increases the cockpit crew’s situational awareness.

Jens Rosenow, Managing Director of Aero Network DMI GmbH, said: “Remote-controlled drones always give themselves away by their emitted signals, and over long distances. The detector is able to analyse these signals and determine the drone type and manufacturer based on the individual signature.”

Arend Wedekind, Head of Sales from HENSOLDT Avionics, commented: “Once the detector is on board, the aircraft is circumferentially protected. The detector thus forms a protective zone around the aircraft or helicopter. Via regular updates, the signatures of the new drones are uploaded virtually. This way, the customer can be sure that he is always optimally protected from drones.”

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