Inmarsat GX Selected for Airbus A350 Inflight WiFi

Emirates has selected Inmarsat to provide WiFi onboard its incoming fleet of 50 Airbus A350s, allowing passengers to browse the internet and scroll social media, from the comfort of their seat


Emirates has selected Inmarsat as the inflight connectivity provider for its incoming fleet of Airbus A350s in a bid to enhance connectivity and greater global coverage, including flights over the Arctic.

The agreement will enable Emirates to provide advanced, high-speed inflight broadband using Inmarsat’s GX Aviation solution onboard 50 Airbus A350s, expected to enter service from 2024. As a result, passengers will be able to stay connected, browse the internet, and use social media, all from their seat. According to Inmarsat, the Airbus A350s will be the first Emirates aircraft to take advantage of Inmarsat’s Global Xpress (GX) satellite network.

The Airbus A350s are expected to be the first Emirates aircraft to take advantage of Inmarsat’s Global Express (GX), which powers a globally available high-speed broadband network, providing passengers with uninterrupted global connectivity.

According to Inmarsat, the GX network currently consists of five Ka-band satellites and will be further enhanced with the addition of seven more satellite payloads as part of Inmarsat’s fully funded technology roadmap. This includes two Inmarsat-6s, which are scheduled to enter service this year. These are expected to be followed by three additional satellites in geostationary orbit, and two in highly elliptical orbit, which will launch later this year and enter service next year, enabling a commercial mobile broadband service for aircraft flying in higher elevations and across the arctic, such as routes between the Middle East and North America.

William Huot-Marchand, Inmarsat Aviation’s Senior Vice President of Inflight Connectivity, said: “We are delighted that Emirates has joined the GX Aviation family. This will be the first fleet with Emirates to be equipped with our highly advanced GX Aviation solution. GX Aviation is well positioned to meet growing passenger expectations around a digital onboard experience, offering high-speed connectivity with uninterrupted global coverage across all flight routes, even over the Arctic. We look forward to working closely with Emirates on the rollout and other exciting innovations that build on its excellent track record of providing a best-in-class passenger experience.”

Adel al Redha, Emirates’ Chief Operating Officer, added: “Delivering a world-class onboard experience has always been paramount to Emirates and we understand the importance of being connected during flights. Over the years, we have worked closely with Inmarsat and our supplier partners to ensure all our aircraft offer Wi-Fi connectivity. We look forward to finding ways and options to improve the connectivity on-board our aircraft by utilising GX Aviation for our Airbus A350 fleet. The advanced capabilities being introduced by the forthcoming satellites are particularly important, as this will boost capacity across our global network, including aircraft flying over the Arctic for routes between the Middle East and America.”

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