Heart Aerospace to Build Electric Aircraft Campus in Sweden

Heart Aerospace is planning to establish a new electric airplane industry in Gothenburg, Sweden, with production and flight test facilities, as well as state-of-the-art offices


Heart Aerospace, a Swedish electric airplane maker, has announced plans to establish new electric aircraft campus at Säve airport, Gothenburg, Sweden.

The new campus, named Northern Runway, will feature state-of-the-art offices, production, and flight test facilities.

Heart Aerospace’s Northern Runway campus will form part of the Castellum owned development area Gateway Säve, where a unique site for sustainable logistics and electric mobility is being developed.

According to Heart, the company currently employs 130 people, but expects to grow rapidly and will employ around 500 people by 2025.

First phase in the establishment of Heart Aerospace’s Northern Runway is scheduled to be finalized by mid-2024, with test flights scheduled to start in 2026. Heart Aerospace expects to deliver its first ES-30 aircraft in 2028.

Anders Forslund, founder and CEO of Heart Aerospace, said: “We have a plan and it’s not just to build a new electric airplane, but a whole new industry. Sweden is the origin of flight shame, an anti-flying movement, but with Northern Runway we will make electric air travel a reality and preserve flying for future generations.”

Sofia Graflund, chief operating officer at Heart Aerospace, commented: “Gothenburg has distinguished itself as a driving force within electrification, with world class research facilities like the Swedish electric transport laboratory, SEEL, Chalmers University of Technology and a large cluster of companies focused on battery and electric vehicle development. The ambition that Castellum and the City of Gothenburg have for Gateway Säve is truly unique and that is why we have decided to establish our new industry here.”

Patrik Andersson, CEO of Business Region Göteborg, added: “We are extremely proud that Heart Aerospace has chosen Gothenburg for this step in their expansion, which we will give full support. The establishment will generate an additional 500 Swedish jobs by 2025 and even more when series production begins.”

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