Airlines Order AURA AERO Electric Regional Transport Aircraft

International airlines have signed Letters of Intent for AURA AERO's Electric Regional Aircraft which is due to enter service in 2027.


French aircraft manufacturer AURA AERO has signed over 130 Letters of Intent (LOI) with international airlines for orders of its electric 19-seater regional transport aircraft ERA (Electric Regional Aircraft).

Airlines from all over the world attended an event in Paris at Aeroclub De France to find out more about ERA and continue discussions on the development of the aircraft, which is due to enter service in 2027.

In total, nine airlines have signed Letters of Intent for three versions of the aircraft, passenger, cargo, and VIP, these include Afrijet (Gabon – 10 aircraft), Elitavia (Malta – 20 aircraft), DUX (Brazil – 20 aircraft), Flying Green (France – 10 aircraft), FMS (Switzerland – 10 aircraft), Twinjet (France – 25 aircraft), alongside three additional airlines.

According to AURA AERO, ERA will offer point to point mobility for transporting passengers or cargo, with a massive reduction of noise levels and CO2 emissions, in view of a decarbonized aviation. Currently, the ERA program is believed to stand at over 330 order intentions.

Jérémy Caussade, co-founder and president of AURA AERO, said: “We are happy and proud to announce these new orders for ERA, an aircraft that will enable, thanks to modern and digital technology, to transport passengers and freight in total safety, with an extremely low emission rate and an unbeatable business plan. We are convinced, more than ever, of the relevance of this aircraft in the implementation of a decarbonized aviation.”

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