Air Corsica to use Pratt & Whitney Upgraded Engines for ATR 72-600 Aircraft

The upgraded PW127XT engine series will be used by Air Corsica to improve operating and maintenance costs


Air Corsica has announced delivery of next generation ATR 72-600 aircraft which will be powered by Pratt & Whitney’s upgraded PW127XT engine series.

The engines will be the standard powerplant for all ATR42/72-600s, expected to deliver significant improvement in operating costs, maintenance, and sustainability for regional turboprops.

A customized 15-year Fleet Management Program has also been agreed with the airline for the long-term maintenance of the PW127XT-M engines, which provides predictable, pay-per-hour engine maintenance, lower operating costs, and maximized engine value by unlocking its full time on wing capability.

“Our relationship with Pratt & Whitney Canada goes back more than three decades, when Air Corsica launched inaugural service with an all-ATR fleet in 1990 equipped with Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PW100 engines,” said Hervé Pierret, Member of Management Board, Air Corsica. “We have seen great success with these dependable engines that allow our airframe to accommodate the challenges of flying short legs all year long, and connecting our island communities to mainland. The flexibility of the new fleet of ATR aircraft, powered by the versatile PW127XT-M engines and optimized with the Fleet Management Program, will allow us to sustainably grow and prosper over the decades to come.”

The PW127XT engine series was unveiled at the Dubai Airshow in November 2021 and was certified by Transport Canada Civil Aviation in August of 2022. According to Pratt & Whitney, it delivers 3% greater fuel efficiency on top of the PW100 turboprop engine family, which already provides 40% greater fuel efficiency and related emissions compared to regional jets on the typical missions they fly.

“This was a highly efficient development, certification, and entry-into-service process achieved in close collaboration with ATR. We offer our congratulations to both Air Corsica and ATR on this significant milestone,” added Irene Makris, Vice President, Customer Service, Pratt & Whitney Canada. “This FMP agreement is indicative of our long-standing commitment to service excellence through an engine-maintenance solution that will provide Air Corsica 15 years of cost protection for their specific business and investment, so they can focus on serving their customers.”

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