Merlin Selects Multicore Avionics Computer for Autonomous Aircraft

CMC Electronics’ PU-3000 will host Merlin Labs’ autonomous flight software and help make flying safer while addressing the global shortage of pilots


CMC Electronics has been selected by autonomous flight technology company Merlin Labs to provide its civil-certified PU-3000 avionics computer to power its autonomous flight solutions. 

Merlin’s autonomy systems aim to reduce crew in large cargo aircraft, and to eliminate crew entirely in small aircraft, solving what the company believes is a key issue in an industry facing a severe global pilot shortage.

As a strategic partner to Merlin, CMC will provide its latest multicore avionics computer certified by Transport Canada to host Merlin’s advanced flight control software that enables autonomous flying. 

The PU-3000’s open architecture platform offers high-performance multicore processing capability and an unrivaled set of interfaces, allowing Merlin to easily adapt the system for use on different aircraft types. The PU-3000 allows customers to retain their intellectual property by implementing their own applications using CMC’s comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK). The computer can host software applications developed to various Design Assurance Levels, up to DAL A.

“The PU-3000 avionics computer has the multicore processing power, diverse interfaces and the civil certification pedigree we needed for our mission,” said Shaun Johnson, CEO, Merlin New Zealand Limited. “Merlin is delighted to partner with CMC Electronics to propel the future of fully autonomous flight and to build a safe and autonomous unmanned aerospace industry.”

“This new contract is a timely and strategic development for CMC Electronics,” said Brad Nolen, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at CMC Electronics. “At a time when crew shortages are a critical industry issue, we are pleased to be part of the solution alongside Merlin who is enhancing aviation safety while pushing the boundaries of innovation.”

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