XO Sees Record Growth in H1 2022


XO, the leading private aviation digital marketplace, has provided an overview of its performance for the first half of 2022 as it continues to propel the industry forward, leading to an exceptional first six months across key metrics. 

Since its inception in 2019, XO has modernized a legacy industry by introducing a data-driven approach to deliver the advantages of flying private for all — making private aviation more accessible, efficient, and transparent. XO’s first half 2022 results illustrate how its revolutionary service has heightened demand and access to private charter and shared charter services among vast new audiences. 

First half 2022 highlights include: 

  • Member Growth: XO Membership increased by 33% against the same time last year.
  • Shared Charter: XO continued to accelerate growth in the shared charter market with an increase of 93% flights compared to H1 2021.
  • First-time Flyers: More than 62% of new requests came from first-time private aviation flyers. 
  • Younger Demographic: XO continues to see younger travelers flying private; in the first half of 2022, nearly 33% of XO flyers were between 18 and 44.
  • Destination Trends: South Florida continues to rank as the top private aviation market in the US, as XO, headquartered in South Florida, has become a significant participant, with 33% of all XO arranged flights originating or departing from the state in H1 2022. 

“Over the last six months, consumer travel preferences have shifted, and travelers are seeking more reliable, safe, and accessible ways to fly,” said Rajat Khurana, Chief Commercial Officer at XO. “This shift has resulted in growth across our platform, specifically shared charter flights, which save clients up to 10 times the cost by booking a seat versus a traditional charter. Through this service, XO has enabled access to private aviation by increasing availability, delivering a seamless booking experience through the XO app, reducing costs, and elevating the overall travel experience with fewer touchpoints and a curated experience.” 

“As travelers’ needs evolve, XO continues to innovate and offer transparent and efficient ways to fly, to provide the most advanced flying solutions at the best value to every client around the world,” continued Khurana.

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